3D application

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 3D design & print

Augmented Reality App

Augmented Reality app

A new showroom experience for customers, buyers and technicians. An interactive tour exploring product, your caracteristics, materials, variables.
Take your time. Learn and choose

Or use AR app for purose new product type with internal store for taking advantage for impulse buying.
See, trial, choose and than buy directly from app

Borsi 9 | IS

A b2b application developed for Ideal Standard with an eye to the corporate image and the other to the products of its showroom

Web Services

Web services to support mobile applications, development of eCommerce
sites, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing

Virtual Reality

UE4 | Virtual Reality

An example of perfect integration between mobile application and virtual environment made with Unreal Engine

Fusion of Augmented and Virtual reality

When we know the working tools, interesting projects are born, where multiple environments come together to give life

3D design & print

Concept design and 3D print

For fast project prototyping. We are able to design in 3D and print in FDM and DLP tecnologies. Maximasize your project, fast analysis time, reduce cost

Accelerated Your Project

Design, project, convert and print with a FDM or DLP print.
Realize your idea, verify functionality and mechanics.
Refine the project and launch production

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